About Jessy

portret jessy

Project manager at Pan Asian Collective (PAC), freelance heritage specialist, and artist (1996, she/her): Jessy is a jack-of-all-trades, who has accumulated expertise and experience within various fields. She is a Master’s Museology graduate (University of Amsterdam) and a Sinologist (Leiden University and Xiamen University) with D&I-policy and (Chinese-Dutch) cultural heritage specialisms. 

Jessy is a creative and ambitious team player with a wide range of skills in heritage, project management, and the creative arts. D&I-policy, inclusive communication, and heritage-focused projects have been at the core of her work as Project Officer Diversity and Inclusion at Leiden University, and they continue to be in her current position at PAC. Her career goal is to contribute to creating and preserving (cultural) spaces on- and offline where people from all cultures and backgrounds can feel that they belong.

As an artist, Jessy often poses questions related to concepts such as identity, culture, and D&I, with a focus on her Hongkong-Chinese and Chinese-Dutch heritage. Jessy was born and raised in Amersfoort and has Hongkong-Chinese roots. She works within various disciplines, including (digital) illustration, event illustrations, event photography, product photography, and art photography. 

For inquiries: @jessywong.nl // info@jessywong.nl // LinkedIn // jessy@pac.tv

Photo by Yakman Tse